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IQ Scores and What They Mean

Educators and psychologists have expressed some concern that too much importance is being given to IQ scores.

Memory Training and Development

With the passing of time it can become more difficult to recall names and faces, and figures needed for such things as prices or passwords tend to become more and more elusive.


SAT Exams and How to Pass

For passing the SAT, a well formulated plan is required, and some strategies that will ensure your success will have to be properly implemented.


Myths and Facts about Speed Reading

Speed reading courses and programs are widely available today through accredited educational institutions and through a variety of less reliable internet web sites.


Second Languages and How They Are Learned

Most North American and European education systems today find that students can benefit greatly from learning a second language, both from a practical point of view and from the discipline and intellectual efforts that are required.


Adult Education

Adult Education has become a necessity in recent years, involving a large section of the work force.


Advanced Placement Program (APP)

One prominent program is well established for gifted students – The advanced Placement Program (APP).


Alternative Education

Approved programs designed to address specific needs come under the general umbrella of Alternate Education.


The Case for Private School Education

Private schools have been a vital part of the whole educational picture in the western world over the last two centuries.


The Goals and Objectives of Charter Schools

A charter school essentially transfers control from a public system to the school stakeholders in a specific community.


The Place of Technical Correctness in Language Usage

One of the inherent characteristics of a living language is its tendency to change words, spellings, and pronunciations from one generation to the next.


The Pros and Cons of Coeducational Schools

Whether coeducational or same-sex schools are in the best interest of students.


The Role of Parents in a Formal Education System

The history of formal education in North America can be enlightening and instructive in that it clearly outlines the development of stakeholder roles and responsibilities and the way these have changed over a period of time.


The Role of Physical Education in Cognitive Development

Many studies over the past half century have shown time and time again that physical activity provides a powerful stimulus to the brain.


Is Home Schooling a Viable Alternative?

A number of options are available for parents to fulfill their legal obligations with regard to their children's education, but one of the most popular choices in recent years has been for home schooling.


The Pros and Cons of Distance Learning

The idea of distance education through the internet has become very popular.


Back to School Blues and How to Avoid Them

The beginning of a new school year can be a stressful time for students of any age, and it can cause considerable anxiety for the whole family as well.


Test Nervousness and How to Avoid It

Taking a test of any kind can be a daunting experience for anyone.


Creating a Viable Study Environment for Students

Many parents do not understand the need to create an appropriate learning environment in the home, so that their children's homework can be completed effectively.


Speed Reading Strategies for Beginners

The nature and the purpose of speed reading.

How to Develop Critical Thinking Skills

The ability to think in a critical and decisive manner is one of the fundamental goals of education, and professional educators everywhere should encourage students to develop independent thought and considered opinion.


The Current Status and Importance of SAT Exams

College entrance SAT exam results have long been recognized by educators at both the high school and college levels as the most significant indicators of post-secondary readiness.


Successful Essays for College Admissions

College essay preparation is required, and students need to plan ahead.


The Importance of Intellectual Self Confidence

A positive mental attitude developed in the early years can successfully carry students through high school and beyond.

Applied Behavior Analysis

Applied Behavior Analysis, known as ABA, is a systematic approach to behavior modification that can be used to alter undesirable behavior.

Who Can Benefit From Speed Reading?

Speed reading skills can be very advantageous to people in a variety of situations and circumstances.


Anti-intellectualism is the expression of hostility or mistrust towards academics and their educational pursuits.

Classroom Management: Assertive Discipline

Assertive discipline is an approach to formal education that has been developed in recent years as a reaction to some progressive child-centered pedagogical theories.

Developing an Anti-Bias Curriculum

Concerns about integral biases in formal school curriculum have been expressed from time to time by reform-minded educators who seek to eliminate all kinds of prejudice in American schools.

Perceived Barriers to Active Learning Strategies

Activity based learning has long been promoted by experienced educators as a powerful teaching strategy for ensuring the best results.


Importance of Active Learning

Active learning is a term used to identify teaching methods that require students to be actively involved in the learning process.


Living With a Laptop Computer

Many students today, especially at the college and university levels, consider the lap-top computer to be absolutely indispensable.






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