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Math and related lessons, lesson plans, and worksheets. Basic Math, Telling Time, Calendars, Money Skills, Algebra.

Language Arts

Basic language arts including handwriting, reading, writing, reading comprehension, and more.



Science worksheets, lesson plans, and other teaching material.

Social Studies

Teach basic American history, geography, and other social studies topics.

Basic Skills

Teach basic elementary skills and life skills. Basic math, reading, handwriting, and more.

Additional Categories

Health, music, and more resources.

Our Featured Lessons

  • Sound Waves

    A lesson on how sound is created and how it travels. In our teaching Science Lessons category.

  • Physical and Chemical Changes

    Learn the difference between physical and chemical changes and how chemical reactions are described.

  • Letter and Word Picture Match.

    Match the picture to the letters or words. In our Classifying, Counting, and Recognition lesson plans and worksheets category.

  • Write the Dates Calendar Lesson

    Fill in the missing dates, and answer simple calendar questions. In Calendar Worksheets and Lessons.

Education info

Educational articles, information, and resources.

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Teachers and Parents

Use our worksheets, lesson plans, lessons, and activities for teaching basic skills.


Welcome to InstructorWeb

Teaching resources, tools, lesson plans, worksheets, interactive lessons, and more...

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