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Content Area(s)



Content Targets

Identify and drawing geometric shapes, angles and other figures, real world application of concepts, review and practice of math concepts (terminology)


Learning Objective

After reviewing different geometric figures and terms, students will be able to identify, draw and write the name of these shapes by using shape flashcards with a partner, and going on a geometry scavenger hunt.



Second Grade - Third Grade - Fourth Grade - Fifth Grade









Lesson Materials

  • Small whiteboards, chalkboards or pieces of paper to draw on (enough for pairs).
  • Dry erase markers, paper towels, plastic baggies.
  • Pencils, scissors
  • Geometry Cards sheet (see printable)



Key Vocabulary - Terms

(Geometry Cards Answer Key)


1. parallelogram

2. cylinder

3. cube

4. pentagon

5. triangle

6. line

7. parallel lines

8. perpendicular lines

9. oval

10. quadrilateral

11. similar figures

12. ray

13. congruent figures

14. obtuse angle

15. right angle

16. acute angle






Tell students that they are going to guess the shape you are drawing. They must raise their hand when they think they know the shape. On a blank white board or piece of butcher paper, start to a draw geometric figure that you have been learning about (refer to the Geometry Scavenger Hunt for a list of figures). Take your time and stop every so often to call on a student. When a student guesses correctly, finish the shape and discuss its characteristics as a class (how many sides, how many vertices, whether or not it is three dimensional, etc.).


Repeat this exercise using a variety of figures.




Pass out the Geometry Cards sheets (see printable). Ask students to cut out their cards and write the names of the objects they see directly on the back of the cards (with pencil). You can put a list of the object names on the board for students to choose from. After students finish, review the shapes as a class so students can make sure they have the correct answers. You can also add two shapes onto the extra cards.


Tell students that now they are going to play a game with a partner. Pass out mini whiteboards or chalkboards, dry-erase markers and paper towels to pairs. Model how to play the game for students:

  • Student 1 will select a card without showing Student 2.

  • Student 1 will draw the shape on the white board and Student 2 will try to guess what it is.

  • If Student 2 cannot guess after two tries, Student 1 will show them the answer.

  • Student 2 will then choose a card to draw and Student 1 will try to guess what it is.

  • Take turns until all of the cards have been guessed.


Students can take home these cards in baggies to use as flashcards.


When students finish the exercise, pass out the Geometry Scavenger Hunt sheets (see printable). Tell students that they will now get a chance to find the shapes they have been learning about in real life. Take students out to the playground or let them walk around the classroom to find these geometric figures. Give students a sticker or some other small reward if they find all of the shapes and draw a picture of their favorite one they found on the back of the paper.


Review shapes on the list if necessary.


Use these sheets as assessment of students' ability to identify geometric shapes and apply their knowledge in a real world setting.




Walk around the classroom with some wordless geometry cards and randomly ask students what a particular shape is. Then ask students to raise their hands to tell you 1 or 2 characteristics of this shape, as well as where they found this shape in their scavenger hunt.







Geometry Worksheets *

Print these worksheets for this lesson.

Includes Geometry Shape Cards and scavenger hunt printables.







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