A science lesson on the human body.



An elementary science lesson plan on the human body.


Instructional Objectives

The student will:

  • Identify features of the human body.

  • Explore the needs of the human body by explaining the importance of good health in relationship to the body.

  • Understand the functions and care of the human body and its organs.

Long Range Objective

The student will develop an understanding of living things.


Suggested Grades:

3rd Grade - 4th Grade - 5th Grade - 6th Grade













  • Sentence strips with programmed with the Daily Science Question, bone and muscle facts
  • Skeleton visual aid (or a life size model of a skeleton)
  • Muscle visual aid
  • "Who Am I?" game pieces
  • Study notes worksheet
  • Index cards programmed with names of internal organs

Instructional Strategies

1. The student will begin the class by copying the Daily Science Question that has been displayed into their science journals. The students will answer the question to the best of their ability. After approximately 5 minutes, the teacher will invite students to share their answers. The teacher will share the correct answer.


2. The teacher will move into a description of the study of the Human body stating the different areas of study (i.e. muscular, skeletal, circulatory, digestive, nervous, respiratory systems and nutrition). The teacher will state that there is a very special project that will be completed in class.


3. To introduce information on the muscular system, the teacher will have the students partner together to play Mirror Muscles. To play, the first student makes one move (encourage students to use muscles from their heads to their toes). The second student will repeat that move and add one more move of their own. The first student repeats the two moves and adds one more and so on…This should take only a few short minutes, but open a discussion on muscles. The teacher should discuss the following:

  • Voluntary/involuntary muscles
  • Contracting/relaxing muscles
  • The body moves because muscles move the bones of the body
  • Functions of muscles (i.e. breathe, blink, walk, grab, etc.)
  • 3 groups of muscles: skeletal, smooth, cardiac
  • 600 muscles in the body (Note: it takes 34 muscles to frown, but only 13 muscles to smile)


4. The teacher will introduce information on the skeletal system. The teacher should include the following information:

  • There are 206 bones in the body
  • The skeleton supports the body
  • The skeleton is made up of bones held together by cartilage
  • Bones contain calcium
  • The smallest bones are in the ear; the strongest bone in the body is the femur (thigh bone)
  • Skull protects the brain; ribs protect the internal organs

5. The teacher will discuss healthy habits that will strengthen bones. Brainstorm ideas with students.


6. The teacher will play the "Who Am I?" game with the students.


7. The teacher will introduce and describe the life size displays that the students will be making during class time. The teacher will assign students to cooperative groups and assign a particular system (circulatory, digestive, nervous, respiratory). Each group will be given a set of index cards programmed with organs related to their system. Each group will work over the course of several days to create visual productions of the organs which will be laminated in the display.


Instructional Considerations

This class is made up of students possessing a variety of learning styles and ability levels. This lesson plan has been designed to accommodate kinesthetic and visual learners by incorporating active learning strategies and visual aids.


Student Practice

The student will complete the worksheet through the course of the lesson.



Once in cooperative groups, the students will decide who is responsible for designing and recreating the assigned organs.




The Human Body Lesson Plan

Printable lesson plan.




The Human Body Student Notes Worksheet

Student Notes Worksheet.




Game: Who am I?

The Who am I game.




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