Yoga Animal Stretches

Physical education lesson plan on non-locomotor movement and stretching.



• To demonstrate non-locomotor movement such as stretching while enhancing flexibility and demonstrating proper breathing.


Suggested Grades:

Kindergarten - First Grade

Lesson Procedure:

Materials: Gymnastics mat or pad or gym floor.


Lesson Excerpt:

Instructional Procedures:
Students allow at least four [4] feet of space between each other on the mat. Students will demonstrate three [3] yoga poses while stretching and breathing properly.

"Bird Pose" - - - Students stand tall with their hands and feet about 6" apart. Students will spread their arms [wings] and begin flapping their "wings" like a bird slowly up and down the sides of their body while breathing in through their nose and out through their mouth slowly for ten counts. Students can make a "chirping" sound to mimic a bird.



Lesson Printables:

Print this printable worksheet for this lesson:

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