Diet and Disease

A health and nutrition lesson on diet and disease. Includes printable teaching reading comprehension lesson worksheets.



• Describe how a healthy diet can protect the body against some diseases.


Suggested Grades:

2nd Grade - 3rd Grade - 4th Grade

Lesson Procedure:

Print the reading comprehension passage and questions (see below).

Students should read the passage silently, then answer the questions. Teachers may also use the text as part of a classroom lesson plan.


Lesson Excerpt:

Copies of the USDA food pyramid at, materials/resources on vitamins A, B and C, materials/resources on colds/infections/tooth and gum decay, materials/books on various fruits and vegetables and their vitamin content, such as The ABCs of Fruits & Veggies by the Apple Lady at notebook paper, construction paper, pencils

Timeline: One week

Instructional Procedures:
1. Teacher explains the term "immune system" and its purpose in the human body.
2. Students write the definition in their "ABCs of Diet and Disease" booklet they create using folded/stapled notebook paper with a colored construction paper cover.



Lesson Printables:

Print this printable worksheet for this lesson:

Diet and Disease







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