Geometry Introduction: Line Segments

Students will learn to measure line segments.



• Students will learn to define a line segment.

• Students will learn to measure line segments using a metric ruler.

• Students will learn to measure line segments using customary units of measure.

• Students will learn to calculate the measures of line segments.


Suggested Grades:

Seventh Grade - Eighth Grade - Ninth Grade - Tenth Grade - including special education students

Lesson Procedure:

Print the classroom lesson plan and worksheet questions (see below).


Lesson Excerpt:

In our last lesson, we learned about some of the building blocks of geometry. Today, we are going to continue learning about lines, but first let's review what we have already learned in our last lesson.
In our last lesson, we learned to define and identify some of the basic terms of geometry. Let's start by talking about lines.

A line is a series of connected points that extends in both directions without any definite endpoints. A point is a defined location. A point can be on a line or on a plane or in space. We see points and lines in all kinds of geometric shapes and figures in real life each and every day.

When there are several points on a line, we say that the points are collinear. Let's look at a diagram to continue our review.



Lesson Printables:

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