Leonardo Da Vinci

A reading comprehension lesson on Leonardo Da Vinci. Includes printable teaching lesson worksheet.



• Students will learn who Leonardo Da Vinci was.

• Students can identify the three most famous paintings by Da Vinci.

• Students will learn what contributions Da Vinci made to the world.


Suggested Grades:

3rd Grade - 4th Grade - 5th Grade - 6th Grade

Lesson Procedure:

Print the reading comprehension passage and questions (see below).

Students should read the passage silently, then answer the questions. Teachers may also use the text as part of a classroom lesson plan.


Lesson Excerpt:

Leonardo Da Vinci was a scientist, inventor and artist who lived in Italy in the fifteenth century. Leonardo was born in the small town of Vinci in what is now central Italy on April 15, 1452. He showed many talents as a young boy. He was well spoken and musically talented, and he had a great talent for art. In 1466, Leonardo became the apprentice of Andrea Del Verrocchio, one of the most popular painters and sculptors in Florence, Italy. He remained an apprentice for twelve years. In 1478, he became what was known as an independent master -- an artist in his own right. As an independent master, he was hired to create paintings, with many being for churches in the area.

Leonardo Da Vinci was one of the greatest painters of his day, even though he only finished a small number of paintings. Among his most famous completed works are The Last Supper, The Vitruvian Man and The Mona Lisa.



Lesson Printables:

Print this printable worksheet for this lesson:

Leonardo Da Vinci







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