Ratios and Proportions: Proportions and Algebra

Students will learn how to solve proportions that have algebraic expressions in them.



• Students will learn how to apply these basics to solving proportions that have algebraic expressions in them.

• Students will review solving one and two-step equations.

• Students will review the distributive property.

• Students will practice solving proportions.


Suggested Grades:

Sixth Grade - Seventh Grade - Eighth Grade - Ninth Grade - including special education students

Lesson Procedure:

Print the classroom lesson plan and worksheet questions (see below).


Lesson Excerpt:

- "We have been learning about ratios and proportions. Today, we are going to extend our learning to Algebra. The proportions that we are going to be solving today will also contain Algebra concepts that we have learned in the past."
- "But before we launch into all of that, let's just review some information about proportions and how to solve a basic one."
- "Who can tell me what a proportion is?"
- Student answer: A proportion is a way of comparing two different ratios. When the ratios are equal, they form a proportion.



Lesson Printables:

Print this printable worksheet for this lesson:

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